After working at one of the biggest company in the world, IBM, for nearly 10 years, I decided to try starting my own company. It certainly wasn’t an easy decision. IBM is a great company, I love the people that I work with, but as an industry giant the potential for growth is limited, and it became not much more than a paying job. Still, leaving a comfortable job with a competitive salary behind isn’t easy, and I needed some (or a ton of) encouragement to help me make the leap of faith. What finally gave me the strength to resign was this speech from Steve Jobs:

If you haven’t listened to this speech, I guarantee you, it’ll be the best 15 minutes you have ever spent in your life. It certainly changed my life, it gave me the courage I needed to take control of my own destiny. If I fail, that ain’t so bad either. I know I’ll gain valuable experience, and I just have to give it a shot at trying to make my dream come true. So what exactly am I doing? It certainly isn’t a new idea, a ton of people already made great success doing this. With my background in Computer Science, my MBA degree, and my passion for mobile devices, love of video games, the launch of iPhone, the App Store… all these add up to one very clear path; I am going to write iOS applications, and start a company as a indie game developer!

Will I succeed? I really don’t know. But I am going to follow Steve’s advice to follow my dream. This blog is created to document my journey. And actually, I didn’t quit IBM and dive right into my business. With kids to feed, a mortgage on our house, I first started doing this part time, and took on a job in marketing / product management at a much smaller company. It was an attempt to take two shots at once, as this small company had good solid potential for growing. By just working at night and weekends, I was able to publish multiple iOS applications to the app store, while making a full-time salary at a small < 100 people company. After moon-lighting for two and a half years and had some modest success with the current apps, I finally resigned my day job and will take the plunge to work on my own company full time. Currently I already published a total of 6 iOS applications on the app store. One of them is considered to a success; It is in the Top rankings fairly stably, generates very good (4+ stars) feedbacks, and provides good income. The others are getting purchased every now and then and provides some additional spare change.

This blog is created to document my journey and provide real time update to all who is interested. (And also, an experiment of whether writing a blog make any money. So far, my first day made 90 cents… bleah.) I hope you will join my journey, and please write some comments!

And oh, almost forgot. Steve Balboa.. so far it’s all about Steve, where’s Rocky? :) Rocky is my all time favorite movie series. Just like I believe in Steve Jobs’ advice, I also believe in Rocky. Be kind, work hard, keep pushing forward, and your dream will come true. I really do believe this American dream will come true, and I am going to spend the next few years of my life following Steve jobs and Rocky’s advices. It may be a bumpy road, but hey, Rocky knows how winning is done. I’m gonna keep on pushing.


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