Simple productivity trick

Long time ago, I learned a very simple yet effective productivity trick. It was either from a book or a class, I tried googling and I can’t figure out the source. If anyone knows please add it to the comment! The story goes something like this. Some company has some productivity issue, and they hired a prominent┬áconsultant to take a look. The consultant simply said this:

“Tell all your employees to do this. Every day first thing in the morning, write down 5 tasks that you want to achieve today. By the end of the day, if you can’t finish it, put it on tomorrow’s list. ”

And that was it! The consultant then said, don’t pay me now, pay me when it starts to work. And it certainly did, the company paid him a couple hundred thousand dollars.

I follow this routine and I find it to be very effective. Every morning I write down the five things to do for the day either in a Google doc that I keep open all day, or I put it in the “Stickies” app on my Mac. This list of things basically stares at me all the time until they get done. As simple as it is, it helps you focus on the things that you really needed to get done today.

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