How do you make money with iOS Apps

There are a ton of advices on how to monetize iOS apps, it’s not a big secret these days anymore. Though I am sure while all strategies are sound, your own results may vary. One of the most interesting advice was found through this so called “dollar app report”, by Trey Smith. It was recommended by some other website, and I decided to give it a try. The video on the website looks promising enough, and hey, it’s just a buck! I think I can afford a dollar. So I paid for the report and promptly received it, and it is pretty nicely done! 50 tips, some I’ve heard of already , but still, it’s a very nicely organized report, definitely worth a buck.

Though then, something quite strange happened. I received this DVD labeled “the jump pack story” in my mail, also by Trey Smith. In the beginning I was quite excited to see what this is all about, since the app dollar report is nicely done. However, the more I watch it, the more I feel sick to my stomach. What the heck is this?? Here’s the website to the same story:

This video seems more and more like a gimmicky “work from home” business and make tons of money scheme. It keeps talking about oh, you don’t need much money, you don’t need to know much skills… outsource everything for cheap, and then wahlaa… you get an app. Bleah…. disappointing. Exactly the same type of commercials you see at late night TV… probably someone COULD get rich like this, just like someone will win the lottery and it just not gonna be you…

In anycase, I am going to test out some of these proven strategy. Without revealing all of Trey’s great work for the dollar app report, some of the things I’m going to try is:

  • Add more in app purchase
  • Game Leaderboard
  • Facebook Twitter integration
  • A really kick-ass tutorial for the game
  • Freemium business model

It’ll probably take a month or so to get these features in. I’ll track my progress in later posts.

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