Almost ready to go to the mattresses

In just a few more days, I will be free! Free from my cubicle, free from my daily commute, free from working for someone else. And of course the pay check stops too… but that’s ok. I have carefully planned this, I know I will be in acceptable financial shape to take a shot as an indie game developer. Since my wife is still working full time, the bills will get paid and we likely won’t get kicked out of our house any time soon. But still it’s a very strange (and wonderful) feeling to be on my own.

As my time as my own boss is coming, I find myself SUPER productive. Starting your own business is a huge amount of pressure. There’s no one else to blame now, no more finger pointing possible. It’s the 4th quarter, the game is on the line, and the ball is in my hands. Of course, it’s a good position to be in, I want to take the shot instead of watching on the side line. Though unlike a final shot in a basketball game, this will be a very very slow shot. I am starting to take the shot now, it’ll be a lot of hardword and sweat, and likely won’t be able to see any results in a few months.

My last day at my day job will be next Friday, and there is still some wrap up work that needs to be done to make sure everything transition nicely. But still, I must admit my heart is already starting to plan for my next steps. There’s some paper work to do to setup the LLC, a lot of prioritization decision for the hundreds of things that I wanted to do, and also a lot of things to learn.

I can hardly contain my excitement! I see myself dribbling, spinning, getting closer and closer to the basket… the game winning shot is coming!

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